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Shandong Redhorse Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is an integrated industry and trade company. The company covers an area of more than ten thousand square meters. With an annual output value of 10 million yuan and fixed assets of more than 50 million yuan. We provide customization service for all our Power Press machines.

Redhorse Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is ruling the Power Press Machine market for over two decades. We always strive to serve in the best possible way. Fulfilling our commitment is our motive.

Screw Air Compressor with Dryer and Tank-6

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Integrated design with beautiful appearance, fewer parts, and connectors reduce the possibility of unit failure and leakage; direct discharge of dry compressed air, fully guarantee the quality of user terminal gas; greatly save customer installation costs and use space.

  • Large, oversized rotors for low rotational speed
  • Best quality, Best price with short delivery time
  • New design – increased efficiency by 5-10%
  • Asymmetric rotor profile for increased sealing between rotors
  • Oil and air leak-free design

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Redhorse CNC has customized a matching Power Press Machine for the CNC industry, which can meet the demanding requirements of various laser cutting equipment for water, oil, and particles in compressed air. The product adopts five-stage filtration and non-heat regeneration adsorption dryer. Pressure dew points up to -20 ° C ~ 70 ° C.

To explore in the Power Press Machine industry, the cost of Power Press Machine is tailor made. If you are interested in reducing the cost of using the Power Press Machine for laser cutting industry, feel free for contacting RedhorseCNC.

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The Complete Buying Guide: Power Press Machine

Industrialization has seen changes in technologies that make work more manageable and accurate. One such revolution is in the process of pressing and shaping metal sheets used to manufacture different components. With the invention of the power press machine, manufacturers have been able to do more work with precision. 

Are you looking to buy a power press machine? Congratulations! You are about to get your hands on one of the most versatile machines.

This power press machine buying guide will walk you through the process of buying the best power press machine. The guide is divided into different sections to help you gain a better insight into shopping for a power press machine. Here is an overview of what to expect:

  • What is a power press machine?
  • How does a power press machine work?
  • What are the types of power press machines?
  • What are the uses of a power press machine?
  • What are the benefits of a power press machine?

Read on for comprehensive coverage of the power press machine.

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What Is A Power Press Machine?

A power press machine, also known as a sheet metal power press machine, is the equipment used to shape, cut, blend, or press metal sheets into the required design. In other words, a power press machine is one of the most versatile machines used to shape metal sheets to achieve the desired shape used in various electronic devices, appliances, and automobiles. 

Traditionally, shaping metal sheets was done manually. This was until the power press machine came and revolutionized the entire process, bringing in more precision.

How Does A Power Press Machine Work?

The power press machine’s working mechanism is mainly on the use of force against metal sheets. The machine applies the required amount of force to deform a metal sheet into any desired shape. The primary components of a power press machine include;

  • The bed
  • Ram
  • Clutch
  • Flywheel 
  • Crankshaft

The two dies, lying above and below each other, are attached to the ram. A sheet of metal is placed on the bed to initiate the operation. The flywheel rotates to close the two dies that press against the sheet to get the desired shape. 

Power Press Machine

What Are The Types Of Power Press Machines?

There are two major types of the power press machine:

  • C-type 
  • H-type 

C-type power press machine 

The C-type power press machine applies the cold working principle on ductile metal sheets. This machine is mainly used in high volume production to make different shapes and forms, including bolsters, beds, plates, and rams. After the operation, manufacturers use the knock-out mechanism to remove the finished product from the power press machine. 

H-type power press machine 

The H-type power press machine is mainly mechanical. This equipment is made from grade IS-2062 rolled steel plates with reinforced frames. Its interlocking design enhances support on the frame. This principle makes the H-type power press machine very accurate.

The H-type power press machine uses static pressure on a liquid to press metal sheets and other fabrics into the desired shape or form.

Apart from these, a power press machine can be designed with many features. These characteristics make each press unique. Below are other types of power press machines, categorized by the actuating mechanism.

Mechanical power press machines

Mechanical power press machines apply wide-ranging types of mechanical parts to apply force on a workpiece. Mechanical power press machines can be operated manually or electromechanically. 

All mechanical power press machines rely on the radial motion of various parts to exert force on a workpiece. 

These power presses are the simplest to operate and set up. Accordingly, they are more precise and offer the highest levels of control. These benefits make them suitable for high-volume production.

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Hydraulic power press machines 

Hydraulic power press machines apply the hydraulic principle or mechanism. Hydraulic power press machine parts include the piston, power unit, and a hollow cylinder, where the piston is found inside the cylinder. The power unit is used to move the piston within the hollow cylinder to increase fluid pressure. The resulting motion is translated into linear force, extending the components that press against the workpiece. 

Hydraulic power press machines are designed with pre-designed force and operating pressure. These machines have the best force capabilities of nay power press machines.

Pneumatic power press machines

Pneumatic power press machines use a similar working mechanism as hydraulic power press machines. However, the pneumatic power press machine mechanism compresses air instead of fluid to increase the pressure within the hollow cylinder. This pressure is translated into force that presses against the workpiece.

What Are The Uses Of A Power Press Machine?

Power press machines are used for different projects in the manufacturing industry. Here are some known uses of a power press machine:

  • Power pres machines are used in heavy manufacturing projects, such as engineering plants and industrial facilities. 
  • A power press machine can be used as a pressing source in any manufacturing process.
  • Power press machines are used to generate force used to form hydro.
  • Power press machines are used in the automotive, agriculture, electrical, and engineering industries to assemble, draw, and straighten parts.

What Are The Benefits Of A Power Press Machine?

A power press is multi-functional equipment that comes with the following benefits:

  • Power press machines are easy to operate.
  • They make work more manageable compared to manual options.
  • They are more versatile and can be used to cut, shape, or straighten components.
  • Power press machines are cost and labor-efficient.

Before you go shopping for a power press machine, read about the power press machine safety guidelines. Accordingly, you can use the power press machine maintenance manual to learn more. You can also search for power press machine prices to know where your budget should range. Consider the following keywords in your search:

  • Second-hand power press machine price
  • 5-ton power press machine price 
  • 10-ton power press machine price 
  • 20-ton power press machine price 
  • 30-ton power press machine price 
  • 50-ton power press machine price 
  • 100-ton power press machine price 

This will help you find the best results from different power press machine manufacturers

The Bottom Line 

A power press machine is one of the most multi-functional machines in industrial applications. This equipment is more convenient in many projects that require compressive force to perform tasks, such as cutting, shaping, trimming, and straightening components. 

Are you looking to buy a power press machine for your projects? Find some of the best power press machine manufacturers and suppliers near you. Find out what is the difference between a hydraulic press and an automatic power press machine. Or ask for quotations to determine the price of a power press machine. Now that you know more about power press machines, you can make an informed decision when buying one. 

Always consider the dealer’s reputation ahead of the price if you want high-quality power press machines that will serve you for ages without sacrificing performance.

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