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Whether it’s a brand-new business or an established commercial enterprise, all businesses need packaging for products. No worries, Hongdu Paper Co., Ltd is here to help with all kinds of practical packaging needs; we specialize in providing cardboard boxes, cardboard packages and corrugated boards for packaging.

Hongdu Paper Co., Ltd is ruling Packaging market over two decades. We always strive to serve in best possible way. Fulfilling our commitment is our motive.

LFT/GMT car dash board mold making

LFT/GMT car dash board mold making,The cores, cavities and inserts made of stainless steel, hardened and tempered up to 45-48 HRC. finish: Mirror Finish-Diamond Polished.$10.00 – $100.00/ set|1 set/sets(Min. Order)

  • Application:Auto Parts Mold
  • Product:Vehicle Mould
  • Mould material:P20/718/738/NAK80/S136
  • Certification:ISO9001:2008.
  • Mould life:250000-300000shots.

Aluminium Foil Container Mould For Punching Machine

Aluminium Foil Container Mould For Punching Machine,We can print customer’s preferred logos upon request.,The mould can realize the process of cutting,forming, plugging and rolling of aluminum foil wares in one step.$5,000.00 – $15,000.00/ set|1 set/sets(Min. Order)

  • Model Number:Customized
  • Shaping Mode:Punching Mold
  • Type:Punching mould
  • Cavity:Customized
  • Color:Customized

Customized Chocolate Packaging Box

Good Quality-Factory Price-SMC Plate Moulds/SMC Tool Molds/Concrete Paving Mould Supplier,It is good practice and necessary to have a difference of several points HRC hardness betweensliding steel mould parts to prevent pickup between the steel parts. For example any P20 core slidesor wear plates should be gas nitride.$5,000.00>=1 sets

  • Mould life:250000-300000shots
  • Shaping Mode:Compression Mould
  • Certification:ISO9001:2008
  • Surface treatment:Polishing

EPS Mould EPS Mold for ICF Grape Package Box

Best EPS Mould /EPS Mold for ICF Grape Package Box/eps Shape Moulding Machine Punching Mold Household Appliance Metal CN;SHN BS,Application:
Household Appliances, Cars, Electronics, e——$1,200.00/ set 1 set(Min. Order)

  • Mold Life::500,000 – 5,000,000 Shots
  • Product:Household Appliance
  • Product Material:Metal
  • Mold Life::500,000 – 5,000,000 Shots.

Aluminum foil container and lids printing

custom aluminum foil container and lids printing/aluminum foil container 750ml, Adopting Food-grade technology,it is moreenvironmentally friendly, Heat preservation and heat resistance than ordinary Aluminum foil container.
$0.23>=10000 sets

  • Custom Order:Accept
  • Process Type:Pulp Moulding
  • Feature:Eco-Friendly Food Grade
  • Payment Term:T/T
  • Color:Customized

Aluminium Foil Coffee Capsule Punch Mould

High Precision Aluminium Foil Coffee Capsule Punch Mould / Aluminium Foil Coffee Capsule Punch Die,This is specially designed for aluminum foil coffee capsules.Compared to ordinary aluminium foil container mould,this mould produced products are beautiful, generous and have strong sealing.$25,000.00>=5 sets

  • Shaping Mode:Punching Mold
  • Product:Household Product
  • Product Material:Aluminium
  • Model Number:Mould
  • Product Name:Die

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If you are looking for corrugated boxes supplier in China, you are in the right site.Qingdao Hongdu Paper Co., Ltd. is located in Qingdao, China which is a professional company to manufacture all kinds of packaging products, including paper box, corrugated box, color box, cardboard, carton box, paper bag, etc. We can design and manufacture the products as your customized requirements or samples and provide you kinds of packaging solutions.

Hongdu Paper, the name that you can trust. As a vital professional paper packing manufacturer in China, we warmly welcome your visit to our factory and talk business face to face! We are at your disposal all the time.

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Get Corrugated Boxes For All Practical Needs From Hongdu Paper

This blog post will help you to understand all the basic and important things that you should know before ordering your corrugated boxes online. Please read the post carefully and if you don’t understand anything, don’t hesitate to content us via email or phone call.

The first step to choose the best corrugated box is to understand the card boxes that fulfills the requirements. If our customers do not know what would be suitable, we specialize in helping them choose. Single wall boxes are cost effective solution but if customers are looking for maximum protection, other choices would be more suitable. Wholesale cardboard boxes and packing supplies from our company are durable and affordable.

Qingdao Hongdu Paper Co., Ltd. is located in Qingdao, China which is a professional company to manufacture all kinds of packaging products, including paper box, corrugated box, color printed box, cardboard box, carton box, paper bag, etc. We can design and manufacture the products as your customized requirements or samples and provides you kinds of packaging solutions.

What Are Corrugated Cardboard Boxes?

Corrugated cardboard boxes are made up to a number of layers glued together with one or more layers in a zigzag form for the following reason. These boxes are known for their strength and inexpensiveness. The sheer strength of cardboard corrugated boxes makes them an ideal for carrying cargo and the transportation of products over long distances with maximum safety and protection.Following are the most common types of corrugated boxes that are very popular with customers:

  • Single face: Single sheet of liner sticks to another sheet of corrugated medium. Most customer buy this style of board as they can be used to wrap up the products for protection.
    One ply of fluted paper is used with the usage of glue. It has only one face.

  • Single wall: Single sheet of corrugated medium is attached between two other sheets of liner. This is the most common type and can be used for everything from shipping to retail displays.

For many of our customers, single wall boxes provide the high-quality protection and reliability they require at an affordable price.Unlike our double wall corrugated boxes, single wall boxes feature a single layer of sturdy quality cardboard. With a variety of dimensions and sizes, single wall cardboard boxes are highly adaptable and can be used in both professional and personal applications.

Thanks to a secure, durable four-flap design and flat-pack shipping method, both individuals and businesses can benefit from the reliability and portability of our products. Perfectly suited to a variety of consignment applications, single wall cardboard boxes are a durable and cost-effective solution to more expensive cardboard products. Whether you are shipping products to customers , relocating your business or place of residence so require removal boxes, or simply looking for long-term storage options, our single wall boxes can get the job done.

  • Double wall: In double wall, two sheets are glued with three sheets of liner in-between. These are widely used for heavier products.

The board comprises the two piles of the fluted paper which are glued between the distances of the three piles.

Our brown double walled cardboard boxes are designed to offer superior strength and reliability to customers interested in storage boxes for heavy loads or double wall boxes for shipping. Thanks to our diverse range of sizing options, customers can find the right double walled boxes for their particular project. For customers interested in placing high-volume orders, we offer competitive bulk pricing options. You can learn more about our affordable sales options through our easy-to-use customer interface or by contacting our sales team.

  • Triple wall: Three sheets are attached with four sheets of liners. This is the strongest category of corrugated boxes and is often used for industrial parts.

The board comprises three piles of fluted paper. Two piles are glued. The outer surface of the board is covered with one ply.

three piles of fluted paper

The best part is that customers can get customized boxes in different shapes, sizes, colors and materials. We are here to provide you super best options like A-Flute, B-Flute, C-Flute and others. Get your customized corrugated boxes with cost-effective pricing and short delivery time services. There is no hidden cost at all. Customers can get online quote to estimate their charges for corrugated boxes.

Corrugated boxes are very useful when it comes to shipping and storage. There is a variety of boxes available in various colors. We are a reputable corrugated box manufacturer; we have a long list of business customers who come to us for customized boxes with amazing designs.

What is the Difference Between Corrugated Boxes and Cardboard?

what you are about to read will be shocking to those people who are not in the packaging supply business.  I am here to tell you that your brown boxes that you have used hundreds of times for shipping or storage in your attic is in fact NOT a cardboard box.  Technically, it is referred to as a corrugated box.

Let’s first start with that brown box you used everyday.  If you take one of the flaps on the box and look at its edge, you will notice a zigzag pattern running between two sheets of fiberboard.  This zigzag pattern is known as fluting.  When two sheets of fiberboard are glued to this fluting, you have yourself a corrugated box.  The flutes running along the inner wall not only provide cushioning, but they also add both vertical and horizontal strength to the carton.  There are different grades of fiberboard and various styles of fluting that make some boxes stronger and heavier duty than others just as what you have read upwards.

If on the other hand, you open a cupboard in your kitchen and pull out a box of cold cereal, you will discover a different story.  If you look at the flaps on the top of this box, you will not see any zigzag fluting pattern.  You will only see one layer of fiberboard or chipboard as it is also known.  This type of box is technically a cardboard box.

This example has a paper layer adhered to the chipboard with the high quality graphics but it is still simply a chipboard or cardboard box.  Other uses of chipboard boxes are soap boxes, toothpaste boxes, gift boxes, or other cosmetic boxes not intended to be used as an outer shipping carton.

Now you have known a lot technical knowledge of corrugated boxes, you should know that corrugated box is the Ideal for shipping.Corrugated boxes are best for shipping, because they are specially designed with cushioning to protect the contents inside. The ruts between the cardboard sheets provides amazing support during transit. Packaging boxes produced by us are sturdy enough and never damage the contents; thus, the package reaches the destination undamaged.Corrugated cartons are also used for shifting purposes. They are especially popular for small businesses because they have amazing material on which any content can be written easily; customers can get personalized messages and logos printed on their boxes.

As a experienced carton packaging manufacture in China, Qingdao Hongdu Paper provides Different types of boxes:

①White cardboard stock: These boxes are designed to create a professional appearance for shipments.
②Brown kraft stock: These boxes are used for easy storage and shipping.
③Multi depth corrugated boxes: These boxes are used for a variety of purposes.

Anyway, if you are looking for the professional corrugated box factory in China,Qingdao Hongdu Paper is the best choice for you. You will enjoy our quick responses from our sales team whether it is wholesale, pre-sales, post-sales or something in between;We are at your disposal all the time.

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