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Top 10 CNC Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers & Suppliers in Argentina. If you are looking for CNC Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers & Suppliers in Argentina, you are in the right place.

We here listed the Top 10 CNC Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers & Suppliers in Argentina.

Check and ask for a quote for Laser Cutting Machines, including fiber laser cutting machine, co2 metal laser cutting machine, Fiber laser marking machine, laser welding machine, cnc router machine, CNC Router, stone CNC router, ATC CNC Router, cnc plasma cutting machine. Post-processing equipment of our Laser Cutting Machines, etc.

1 .BuchiCNC

Address:Alfredo R. Bufano 2451, C1416 CABA, Argentina
Plus:9GWF+32 Buenos Aires, Argentina


  • Laser
  • Metal Sheet
  • Manufacturing
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Assembly


BuchiCNC  company builds its reputation by providing high quality services such as welding, cutting, fabrication, etc. With various years of industry experience behind us, we are able to manage any kind of project no matter how small or big it is.Equipped with the latest cutting machine and all kinds of high-end facilities, BuchiCNC is committed to provide the finest metal products to fulfill our current and future customer’s needs.Our philosophy is to produce high quality products at economical prices. Be fully commited to our customer, services and satisfaction. This Fact can be found for most of sales come from regular repeated customer order.


2 .Megalaser Pantografos Laser

Address:Cuenca 5284, C1419 ACB, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Plus:Cuenca 5284, C1419 ACB, Buenos Aires, Argentina


We are a Company dedicated to the Import, Export and Marketing of Laser Machines for the Cutting, Marking and Engraving of materials, and all their Supplies, Accessories and Spare Parts.

OUR Machine Quality equipment and modern design for your company!

The ML-1070P model is a high precision laser pantograph for cutting and engraving materials. With laser power of 80w / 100w / 120w . The 70 x 100 cm work platform makes it ideal for medium to large jobs. It has a simple and easy-to-use software compatible with CorelDraw, Illustrator, PhotoShop, AutoCAD. Equipped with USB port and WiFi for uploading files



3 .Cutter Machine

Address:Av. las Malvinas 5200, Córdoba, Argentina
Plus:JV9W+7M Córdoba, Cordoba, Argentina



Other Brands of CNC Plasma or Oxyfuel Cutting Machines , where the synchronization is carried out with precision by a set of microselectrics.CNC Cutting Machines by Plasma or Oxyfuel CUTTER Machine, where the timing of the opening and closing of gates is carried out by the CNC.
Electro-pneumatic system
All the modules that make up the CUTTER – TAB suction table have baskets for slag, an integrated suction channel and a system of segmented suction gates whose opening is carried out sequentially by means of an electropneumatic system.


4 .Zeigen SRL

Address:Av. Pres. Juan Domingo Perón 4456, B1650 San Martín, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Plus:CFF2+4C San Martín, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina



Zeigen SRL We are a world-wide supported manufacturer of machines, technology software and consumables. We know the entire chain, from creation to production and service to provide you with the offer that best suits your needs. Gravotech was born in  from the merger of Gravograph, Technifor and Type3 and was unified under a single brand .

Zeigen SRLWith our CNC equipment machine you can make the start-up or growth of your business a reality by optimizing production and obtaining greater speed, precision, accuracy efficiency and manufacturing capacity.


5 .D2Laser

Address:Montevideo 1433, S2000 BSC, Santa Fe, Argentina
Plus:29V3+VV Rosario, Santa Fe Province, Argentina


At D2Lásica we offer laser engraving and cutting services. The files we work with are vector (pdf, ai, cdr, dxf, dwg, etc) and the cutting surface is 1200mmx850mm.Everything you want to cut, identify it with the color red, whatever you want to mark in blue and for filled engravings use the color black.We work with plastics, PAI, cloth, cardboard, wood, MDF (up to 9mm thick), cork, rubber and paper.


6 .Laser Disc Argentina

Address:Corvalán 1848, C1440 Calaza, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Plus:8GV6+XG Buenos Aires, Argentina


  • Laswr Cutter
  • Laser Cutting Job Work
  • Perforated Sheets
  • Cable Tray Machine
  • Control Panel Fabricati


Grupo Laser Disc is a Holding of Companies with more than 30 years of experience in the conosur, which begins its activities in the music industry, being the absolute market leader.

The fundamental pillars of success have been constant innovation, product launches, association with prominent brands and retailers and a great team of collaborators that have made Grupo Laser Disc, a company that solves the entire operational and distribution system, optimizing the maximum profitability per square meter of the products and delivering the best service to the consumer.

This strength means that important brands in the music industry grant it licenses, representations and distributions, which today are in more than 300 points of sale.

Trajectory, seriousness, versatility, experience, trust define Grupo Laser Disc, a business holding with a wide presence in Conosur (Argentina-Brazil-Bolivia-Peru-Chile).




Address:San Antonio 578, C1276ADF CABA, Argentina
Plus:9J2C+FP Buenos Aires, Argentina


  • Machining Insights
  • Silent Tools™ Plus
  • Coromant Capto
  • Laser Machine
  • CNC Data Machine
Welcome to the DTMAQ, we are a design manufacturer based in ARgentina and with a large production facility on the south east coast of the ARgentena. We help clients all over the world with top quality services and design work.A point worth noting when discussing wood and other fibrous materials is that our lasers leave a feather-free cut. There is no need for a ‘post process’ to sand the edge. This is a major advantage compared to other machines such as routers. CTR laser machines come complete with software that will accept many usual data formats – these can be produced by software such as Corel Draw, Photoshop and numerous ‘free’ graphics packages. All professional CAD software can output files which can be used for cutting on these laser machines.



8 .Rommel Talleres Metalúrgicos

Address:Peralta Ramos 4886, Pablo Nogués, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Plus:G899+47 Pablo Nogués, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina



Rommel’s most important goal is to have fully satisfied customers.
This concept guides the thoughts and actions of all company personnel.

Founded in 2000, Sumig specializes in welding and cutting solutions, and is the largest manufacturer of MIG, TIG and Plasma Cutting welding torches in Latin Argentina.Sumig works with the following product lines: MIG Welding Torches, TIG and Plasma Cutting; MIG, TIG and Plasma Cutting Welding Machines; Welding Cells; Welding Robots and Torches for Welding Robots; Welding Automation; Welding Smoke Extractors; CNC Plasma Cutting Tables; Accessory and Consumables for Welding.Our clients, in addition to the product that we supply, count on the professional service that we offer them, the assistance and reliable and specialized advice that we give to their project, whatever its magnitude.



9.Sandvik Argentina

Address:Rincón 3198, B1754 San Justo, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Plus:8CGW+MM San Justo, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina


  • CNC Laser
  • SEVEN Bending CNC
  • Upgrade Your Old Machine!
  •  MIG Machines
  •  TIG Machines

Engineering: It’s the lifeblood of society. Developing, changing, molding and evolving our everyday lives. In a world where we see increased prosperity, population growth and rising consumption speeds; challenges will arise for economic growth and sustainability in equal measure. Simply said, the speed of change will never be this slow again. New opportunity awaits, we are entering the future of manufacturing and we want you to join usThe move towards digitization will put new demands on companies as they adapt to new technologies and prepare a new generation of engineers. We work with you to equip your employees with the latest technical knowledge, allowing your business to solve even the most complex problems and stay ahead of the competition. That’s what we call collaboration on an industrial scale.


10.Sodimac Tortuguitas

Address:Ramal Pilar Km 36.5 Tortugas Open Mall, B1667 Tortuguitas, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone:+54810 2227634
Plus:G7XF+HR Tortuguitas, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina



A company with 100% national capital, specializing in the manufacture of laser cutting machines, plasma cutting, bending machines, calenders for sheets and profiles, drilling centers for beams and profiles, machining center Smoothing machines for parts and sheets, edge cutter, cutting machine laser cleaning and other specials.

Since 2016, we have a Corporate Sustainability Policy that unifies the company’s commitments in all its business units, seeking to align Sodimac’s efforts with international sustainability instruments.

Consequently, we formally declare the commitments of our Sustainability Policy in the following dimensions:

● Governance, Ethics and Integrity
● Clients
● Collaborators
● Suppliers
● Commitment to the Community
● Commitment to the Environment

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